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  • Improving Revocation: OCSP Must-Staple and Short-lived Certificates
    Last year, we laid out a long-range plan for improving revocation support for Firefox. As of this week, we’ve completed most of the major elements of that plan. After adding OneCRL earlier this year, we have recently added support for … Continue reading

  • Updated Firefox Security Indicators
    This article has been coauthored by Aislinn Grigas, Senior Interaction Designer, Firefox Desktop Over the past few months, Mozilla has been improving the user experience of our privacy and security features in Firefox. One specific initiative has focused on the … Continue reading

  • Continuing to Phase Out SHA-1 Certificates
    In our previous blog post about phasing out certificates with SHA-1 based signature algorithms, we said that we planned to take a few actions with regard to SHA-1 certificates: Add a security warning to the Web Console to remind developers … Continue reading

  • Deprecating the RC4 Cipher
    As part of our commitment to protect the privacy of our users, Mozilla will disable the insecure RC4 cipher in Firefox in late January 2016, beginning with Firefox 44. Mozilla will be taking this action in coordination with the Chrome … Continue reading

  • Improving Security for Bugzilla
    The Bugzilla bug tracker is a major part of how we accomplish our mission of openness at Mozilla. It’s a tool for coordinating among our many contributors, and a focal point for community interactions. While most information in Bugzilla is … Continue reading

  • Expanded Malware Protection in Firefox
    As part of our commitment to help Firefox users stay safe online, we have recently expanded the malware detection features in Firefox. Thanks to new developments in Google’s Safe Browsing service we are now able to identify malware downloads in … Continue reading

  • Firefox exploit found in the wild
    Yesterday morning, August 5, a Firefox user informed us that an advertisement on a news site in Russia was serving a Firefox exploit that searched for sensitive files and uploaded them to a server that appears to be in Ukraine. … Continue reading

  • Mozilla Winter of Security is back!
    Last year, we introduced the Mozilla Winter of Security (MWoS) to invite students to work on security projects with members of Mozilla’s security teams. Ten projects were proposed, and dozens of teams applied. A winter later, MWoS 2014 gave birth … Continue reading

  • Dharma
    As soon as a developer at Mozilla starts integrating a new WebAPI feature, the Mozilla Security team begins working to help secure that API. Subtle programming mistakes in new code can introduce annoying crashes and even serious security vulnerabilities that … Continue reading

  • Changes to the Firefox Bug Bounty Program
    The Bug Bounty Program is an important part of security here at Mozilla.  This program has paid out close to 1.6 million dollars to date and we are very happy with the success of it.  We have a great community … Continue reading

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