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Romanian Incarcerated for ATM Skimming Develops Anti Skimming Technology
Written by Angelo Castigliola   
May 17, 2013 at 08:33 AM

Reuters has an interesting article about Valentin Boanta who is serving a five year sentence in Romania for his role in ATM skimming.  Valentin started to work on new technology for ATMs to defeat skimmers illicitly installed on ATMs to read card numbers which has won an award from International Exhibition of Inventions:

"All ATMs have ageing designs so they are prone to vulnerability, they are a very weak side of the banking industry," he said.

"Every ATM can be penetrated through a skimming crime. My security solution, SRS, makes an ATM unbreachable."

Boanta says his "Secure Revolving System-SRS" can be installed in any ATM. It allows the bank card to be inserted longer side first and then rotates it to prevent skimmers being able to lock on to the magnetic data strip. The system returns the card to its user with a reverse rotation.

Outwardly it is a trapezoidal metallic box around 6 inches long with the card slot in the middle.

The SRS, funded and developed by a technology firm near Bucharest called MB Telecom, is patented and won an award this year at the International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva. The inventor and company are not yet saying how much it will cost, but insist it will be available soon.

"He fully deserves such recognition," said SRS co-inventor and MB Telecom president Mircea Tudor. "He's taking part in improving Romania's image abroad and he'll surely join our team when released." 

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