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Hackers from China take Weekends Off
Written by Angelo Castigliola   
Feb 25, 2013 at 02:42 PM

Cyber warfare experts observe hackers taking weekends off, which the news media suggests as evidence that hackers from China are becoming more professional:

"China conducts at least an order of magnitude more than the next country," said Martin Libicki, a specialist on cyber warfare at the Rand Corporation, based in Santa Monica, California. The fact that hackers take weekends off suggests they are paid, and that would belie "the notion that the hackers are private," he said.

Libicki and other cyber warfare experts have long noted a Monday-through-Friday pattern in the intensity of attacks believed to come from Chinese sources, though there has been little evidence released publicly directly linking the Chinese military to the attacks.

This research seems to be based off of a 2012 analysis of spam email by FireEye.

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